Files for Dealers and Advertisers

How to Find Files
Numerous files are available for advertising and sales. First locate an item in our Furniture Showroom, then click the "Download CMYK File" and/or "Download PDF File" buttons immediately below the main display picture. Or select Advanced Mode to see all available hi-res files for each part number.

How to Use Files
The "Download CMYK File" delivers a high-resolution color-separated (CMYK) image for professional desktop publishing and will not work well with home printers. These files are compressed with WinZip-11 (2006) and need to be unZipped before they can be used. Many free programs for Unix, Windows, and Macintosh will unzip these files – OSX users try this UnArchiver. If you receive a 'Corrupt File' or 'Unknown Compression' error message then you probably need a newer version of unzip (2006 or later).

The "Download PDF File" will deliver a medium-resolution brochure that will view and print nicely on a desktop printer. These PDF files require a free PDF Viewer from Adobe.

High-Resolution Vector Art Logo Files...

Download: Peters-Revington
Download: Cochrane
Download: Chromcraft Revington [CR]
Download: Chromcraft
Download: Design & Dine
Download: CaféXpress
Download: Medium-Resolution Jpegs for Inner-Office use

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Collection of Catalog PDF Files

American Craftsman: 2208

Ames: 2932

Ashford: 2108

Astor: 2829

Bayfield Oak: 2930

Bordeaux: 4100

Briarwood: 41000

Carlton: 15500

Carrington: 3X9X

Cheyenne: 2843
Cheyenne: 2843e

Covington: 2908

Crestview: 2109

Eastlake: 2801

Eastside: 3700

Italia: 2941

Jewelry Armoires: 1060318
Jewelry Armoires: 1060320
Jewelry Armoires: 1061319
Jewelry Armoires: 1061321
Jewelry Armoires: 1062320
Jewelry Armoires: 1064320
Jewelry Armoires: 1065313
Jewelry Armoires: 1065314
Jewelry Armoires: 1067320

Kiel: 2842

Kingswood: 3X9X

Lake Placid: 2806

Laredo: 2915

Marion County: 3900

Market Square: 5000
Market Square: 5000

Metro: 2804

Metropolitan: 3X9X

Oslo: 2904

Parker: 4030

Royal Oak: 2847

Rustics: 2110

Saddle Brook: 2831

St. Augustine: 0870

Threshers: 3000

Traditional Cherry: 10500

Transitions: 2844

Triston: 4700